Robert De Filippis

      I hit my values crisis at 40 and left my career as a corporate executive in a Fortune 500 manufacturing company. It was the beginning of the corporate downward spiral toward "increased shareholder value" at any cost to the employees or customers that has come to fruition today. I spent a few more years in school and launched a consulting career so I could pay for my four children's college educations.
      When I finally "retired" I started writing. I wrote Op Ed columns in newspapers for ten years. I'm still writing for pretty regularly. My main focus today is trying to be an author that starts conversations that open new areas of possibilities. My material is provocative for a purpose. If you want the ordinary and mundane there's plenty of that available without me adding to it.
      I want to open up dialogue on issues that don't get much airing. I don't think I'll ever be a top selling author, although that's probably a goal hidden deeply in every writer's mind. I'd be happy to engage in intelligent dialog that remains civil.         Disagreement can be a great energizer for new thinking if handled well.
     So I invite you to read my material as though you are having a conversation with me. You'll be able to post questions and issues right here on this site. I promise to engage every one that gets posted.