Career Development 

In my years of career coaching experience, fifty percent of my clients admitted they had been in careers they hated for half of their professional lives.

Admittedly, this experience was while I owned and operated an Outplacement firm and these clients had been outplaced from their mid-career jobs.

But having been a management consultant and coach for 40 plus years, I don’t recall a time when senior manager and executive clients were more honest and forthcoming. They were in the unusual position of being free to look back from a position in their midlife and midcareer.

They were without a job through no fault of their own. They had a newfound freedom to realize their full intellectual and professional capacity. When they recognized this as an opportunity, admittedly forced on them, it was the beginning of new and more rewarding careers.

Your openness begins when you develop the need to question and wonder about everything you’ve taken for granted in your professional life.

Beyond the most basic needs for material security lies a space of opportunity that you exploit or don’t. That decision is yours and only yours to make. But if and when you do, I’m here to help.

The process starts with the administration of one of the most complete and robust personality assessment tools available today: The Birkman Method.

Upon receipt of the report, the coaching process begins by examining how your profile compares to those of successful people in several career categories. The options open and available to you, you are ready to decide upon the best career and future going forward.