Ontological Life Coach

As Jung said, “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will lead your life and you will call it fate.”

Ontology is roughly defined as your theory of what it means to be a human being and how the world works. This is all contained in your conscious and sub-conscious mind and influences everything you think and do.

Overall, the effectiveness of our thinking and doing depends on the appropriate use and interpretations of our theories about who we are and how the world works.

These interpretations require an accurate grasp of the context within which they occur. The late psychologist Dr. Roger Birkman made two critical observations central to this point:

1.     Behavior is not determined by objective facts, but by the meanings, the individual attaches to those facts.
2.    Some individuals' perceptions about “most people” and/or “self” may be illusory, irrational, or unreal. Nevertheless, these perceptions are real and reasonable to the individuals and are influential on their behaviors.”

Consequently, the more aligned we are to shared external reality, the more effective we will be and vice versa.

An Ontological Life Coach can be your touchstone in the process of alignment. Ontological coaching will begin the process of reconciliation. That reconciliation of making friends with those beliefs and suppositions that serve you well today. And the deconstruction and elimination of those that don’t.

It is a rigorous journey not to be taken lightly. Not everyone can take this journey. But if you do, you will understand the power of taking full responsibility for your life.