Personality Development 

“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”
                                                                                                                             — Carl Jung

Awakens to what? Awakens to your authentic personality. Most of us are so habituated to living with our public persona, we don’t even know our authentic self.

Different from being “woke,” awakening has no external goal. Its inner purpose is awakening to our authentic self, our wholeness.

It is taking ownership of what constitutes meaning for us. It leads to the full realization of our authentic personality and the power of our inborn intellect that comes with that realization.

It is a kind of personal truth and reconciliation process.

Your first choice is tough to make but relatively simple to describe; it’s the same one Neo was asked to make in the movie The Matrix, when Morpheus says to him, “You take the blue pill -- the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.”

The red pill leads to new thinking, an awakening to the fact that your mind’s simulation of reality was created by someone interpreting something other than you. And that simulation is bound together by stories that shape and form the person you think you are.

Personality development opens the door to discovering the authentic self behind the public persona that you’ve learned to live with. The full development of your personality allows you liberate you intellectual capacity.

Take the red pill. See the inner you, maybe for the first time. I’ll be there to guide you on your journey.