Ontological Coaching with The Birkman
Robert De Filippis

“As we understand ourselves, so we see the world.” Rupert Spira

And to understand ourselves, we must first awaken. Carl Jung’s advised: “if we look outside, we dream. If we look inside, we awaken.”

This  awakening is an exploration of our ontology, our theory about the nature of being human.

What we think of as the real world is a reflection of what we believe. Our world is a simulation or map of reality that resides in our minds.

An Ontological Coach can help you examine and understand your ontology and how it may or may not be adding to your sense of satisfaction in your life. 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” (Jung) So, how do you take “fate” into your own hands and begin the process of uncovering the unconscious presuppositions and deeply held beliefs that shape your world?

Reading “Loosing” Your Mind: Liberating Your Intellect for Critical Thinking, by Robert De Filippis, is a good start. Having the author coach you through the process of applying what you read is even better.

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Ontological Coaching with the Birkman Method
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Ontological Coaching is transformational coaching.

You can spend the money and time to consult a coach not knowing where the process will take you.


You can purchase this book and participate in “chapter by chapter” online group discussions and undergo the transformation its insights will deliver. (From the comfort and privacy of your own home)

Reviews from readers:

“I understand the main point of becoming a more critical thinker to be, one must radically change their thinking by challenging their fundamental beliefs and assumptions, questioning themselves, listening openly to others, and analyzing objectively.” BGE “If you are open to “Loosing” your Mind” then you won’t regret reading this book. I wish I had read it 40 years ago.”

“It is a learning experience from beginning to end and offers many opportunities for expanding self-understanding and provides insights to understanding others.” JM

“The biggest hurdle in reading this book is to realize that it’s not just our neighbors, our fellows, who are stuck in this insanity. We ourselves, and our friends and allies, are also powerless to think our way out of the mess. …It’s a weighty book, one I’m glad to have at hand, not just to motivate me but also to support the new mental tools he offers which I’m now trying to master. Not to accept his challenge is to forsake my duties as a citizen, a human being, and a worthy soul.

“Your book is…an entire undergraduate degree! Thank you for this amazing work. I will read it and quote it often. I would summarize your book by saying, “If you’re looking for a writer to tell you what to think, don’t read this book. But, if you are looking for a book to teach you how to think, proceed.”
TW, PhD.

“A sweeping new assessment of how we know things—and how we can know them better. “The vast differences between the actual functions of the universe and our commonsense experience of it,” writes De Filippis at the beginning of his nonfiction work, “should cause us to question the very foundations of our worldview.” Kirkus Reviews 

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