Ontological Coaching with The Birkman
Robert De Filippis

“As we understand ourselves, so we see the world.” Rupert Spira

And to understand ourselves, we must first awaken. Carl Jung’s advised: “if we look outside, we dream. If we look inside, we awaken.”

This  awakening is an exploration of our ontology, our theory about the nature of being human.

What we think of as the real world is a reflection of what we believe. Our world is a simulation or map of reality that resides in our minds.

An Ontological Coach can help you examine and understand your ontology and how it may or may not be adding to your sense of satisfaction in your life. 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” (Jung) So, how do you take “fate” into your own hands and begin the process of uncovering the unconscious presuppositions and deeply held beliefs that shape your world?

Reading “Loosing” Your Mind: Liberating Your Intellect for Critical Thinking, by Robert De Filippis, is a good start. Having the author coach you through the process of applying what you read is even better.

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Ontological Coaching with the Birkman Method
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My Offer

The question for a coach? How can you have access to coaching experiences and knowledge earned over a forty-year career?

The answer.
You can purchase and read my three books on coaching and ontological change. Or you can have access to it on a “just-in-time” basis as your needs show up. And let’s be honest every coach needs to talk to a professional objective listener from time to time. And every human needs a coach from time to time.

The usual barrier.
Anyone can promise anything. The question is can they deliver.

The solution.

Here’s a no-risk way to proceed.
Invest a single hour of your life to find out if I have the goods you’re looking for. Watch the free video above and make up your own mind.

Time to decide.
If you want to go further, email me at [email protected] and we can discuss your needs at no charge.

If we decide to go further, you can purchase my counsel on an hour-by-hour basis with no long-term contract at $150 per hour.

Payable in advance by PayPal only. Again, my contact info is [email protected]   

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